Data Security

Data Security Architecture & Review Custom Fit for Your Organization

Regulatory and other requirements that impact your organization’s information security mission are constantly changing, creating new challenges and forcing new architectures. Flaws within data identification and protection can result in unnecessary risks to your IT infrastructure and cause sensitive data exposure.

Our data security experts help you understand your current business operations, technical requirements and regulatory mandates to form a foundation for your information security environment. We will work with you to create and continually update an over-arching enterprise security architecture that:

Utilizes your existing technologies
Effectively satisfies your organization’s regulatory requirements
Leverages the technical innovation needed to create a more secure and efficient information technology environment
Defend the Invisible Perimeter
Traditional approaches to data protection methods must be re-evaluated beyond the firewall and the known architecture. For example, while data streams in many common ways over the web, email and other methods within a network, it also flows over wave-form sensors, cellular and Bluetooth devices, POS terminals and many other uncommon sources across various types of protocols and supply chains.

Our experienced professionals will help you adopt a data-centric approach that shifts the focus from “system” to “data.” We start by reviewing your existing information security architecture, designs and data flows to maximize your existing infrastructure. Then we design and deliver an enterprise security architecture that best fits your organization’s requirements and business objectives while providing implementation guidance and support.